Which Way To Hitch?

We’re in Split, it’s 9am, we have an hour to leave the apartment we rented. Then we’ll presumably grab some groceries and head towards the city toll station to hitch a ride out of Croatia. 

The main highway heading north divides at the northern part of the country, one way goes west to Rijeka, the other east to Zagreb. And this presents a major delemna for us. Do we go towards Italy or Hungary? And for that matter where will we sleep? We have weeks left, but the previous have taught us tourism spots, cities, and westernized destinations, especially at this time of year, even camp sites, can cost as much as a room in a Guesthouse. 

Searching over the maps, there are camp grounds all over Italy, Hungary, Austria, Slovenia, but none really just off the highway. We already saw a good deal of the east, going to the Alps would be nice, but really pricey. If we go towards Czech, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland, prices can be expected to be kept at bay. But still where will we go? Where will we sleep?

The undetermined travel mode of this kind can give one the spins. Deciding to spend more money can solve the problem, but that would be the easy way out. Instead we will stay the course, and go into the unknown, prepared to get lucky as we have several times already. Or find ourselves wild camping, until we need a bed and proper shower.

The journey continues.


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