Slovenia, Italy, Switzerland, and France

Sitting in our AppartHotel in Strasbourg, France, we have a little time to upload some moments from the last week. We’re heading to Germany today to stay with some family of Zuzanna, it will be nice to connect with people we know, and get off the road for a couple days. It would have been great to stay in France longer, the food and people are very nice here. Our own hitchhiking experience was mixed, but the hitchwiki has plenty of accounts from people who loved hitchhiking in France. Some other day…


Korčula, Croatia
Vela Luka, Croatia
The last days took us from Croatia to Slovenia, which was a wonderful surprise. We really enjoyed Croatia, but found it more pricey than Montenegro, and the campsites were not easily accessible. Catching our hat trick ride to Slovenia was a delightful bit of serendipity.


Lake Bohinj
Slovenia is by far the best hitchhiking destination we’ve been in yet. The country is small but so beautiful. Prices are not super cheap but quite reasonable. And the people there love hitchhikers, and go out of their way to help, and it seems they all speak English really well!

We spent a night in Bled, Bohinj, and Ljubljana. Each was different and so nice.


Lake Bohinj
After Slovenia, we found our way to Lake Como, Italy. It wasn’t where we expected to end up, but we found a ride there and so there we went.


Piona, Lake Como, Italy
Beaching in Lake Como
Drivers in Italy didn’t speak much English, so we had to learn some useful phrases in Italian. “Dove stai andando?” 😉

Despite some clear reluctance of some people, and also the disappointment that the ease of hitchhiking in Slovenia was not going to continue as we headed west, it was still possible to get rides around Lake Como with the locals, this made it possible to go shopping, catch a ride to Varenna, and again to a restaurant, and again to get a ride home. We hoped to stay for a couple days touring the area this way, but some rain hit south west Europe, and we didn’t want to camp in that. So we decide to head towards Dijon, France to stay at an inexpensive hotel for a couple nights till the weather passed.

We really only had trouble in Italy when we tried to leave Lake Como. We kept getting rides short distances, or to the wrong place due to bad communication. Eventually we just bought train tickets to Chiavenna, the most northern town possible, and from there we found some Germans heading to Switzerland.


Chiavenna, Italy
Chiavenna, Italy
We were a bit worried about getting stuck in Switzerland.  We did get all the way to Basel with three rides, it wasn’t bad. And the scenery the whole way was incredible. We must go back for a photo tour. I was barely able to snap shots from the car, and mostly just used my iPad. Waterfalls dropping hundreds of meters were all around us. Giant mountain peaks of the Alps climbed up from the farm lands. We passed dozens of rivers and lakes. We couldn’t stay in Switzerland, but just getting through was a treat.

Heidiland rest stop, Switzerland
The night almost ended at a gas station on the highway in Basel. We were there for over three hours. It was raining, and getting close to mid-night, we thought we might be sleeping there. We wanted to go to France, anywhere in France, the border was just a few kilometers away. But no one was going  there, or had room in their car, or wanted to carry some hitchhikers there. Finally a young guy pulled up, not really speaking any English, but we agreed to go to France. He brought us to Mulhouse, the first city across the border, and that’s how the day ended. 

We look forward to pulling down some photos from my camera, for now these ipad camera snaps will have to do. 

Till next time, wish us luck in Deutschland! Almost back in Poland…


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