Becoming Homeless…?

We are wearing our normal clothes, and have both had showers and breakfast. However, this morning in Leipzig, while waiting for a tram to go to our Airbnb, a man approached Zuzanna while I was down the platform getting tickets, she says he seemed a little drunk or strange, anyhow, he asked her if she had any money. A little surprised and offended she replied in a very grumpy tone “No”. And so he shoved a 5€ bill into her hand.
As the last weeks included times where we have gone days without a shower, or worn clothes that are wet, or not clean. And we are carrying large backpacks, and asking for free rides, we have wondered at what point we have crossed the line of backpacking/hitchhiking/adventuring, and instead are starting to resemble homeless people. And so perhaps though we still wear our nice clothes. We have homes somewhere to go to, we are not the only ones to get this impression. Perhaps.


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